Hello, Badminton lover!, It doesn’t matter whether you’re an advanced, intermediate or a beginner player, a perfect badminton racket with all essential features can improve your gameplay. Now, if you are looking for such best badminton rackets with fundamental highlights like lightweight, good grip, perfect flexibility than you’re on the right page.

In this post, i am going to review the top 10 best badminton rackets in India for the year 2019. After going through long research and analysis, found these rackets are the best to pick for every player. Not just that, also I have mentioned everything details a buyer must know before choosing one. So, this blog post is going to be the ultimate guide for badminton racket buyers.



Choosing a good badminton racket for yourself is not so easy, there are many parameters one need to check before buying a badminton racket. In this article, I am going to present some of the finest badminton rackets in India. I handpicked badminton rackets comes from India’s top racket manufacturing companies.

But, before you choose the right one for yourself, there are many things you should know like what are good badminton racket brands?, how to choose the right badminton racket for yourself?, What are the different types of badminton rackets there?  and much more such information. So, in this complete buyers guide of a badminton racket, you will find all useful knowledge about badminton racket that you must know before choosing one for yourself.

How to Choose the A Good Badminton Racket for Yourself?

Not all types of badminton rackets are suitable for everyone. For example, if you like fast and speedy gameplay, then a lightweight racket may be a perfect choice for yourself, but if you like hard-hitting, then heavy rackets may be a good option for you. Just like this, there are many parameters one should check before picking the right one. There are factors like the shape of the racket, weight, balancing, String tension, Racket grip, flexibility, the material of the racket, influence the gameplay a lot.

Being a badminton lover since last 10 years, I know how a good badminton racket impacts the gameplay. So, it’s always a better option for yourself to find a racket that fits your requirements. Look into these parameters carefully before making any decisions.

  • Weight of the Racket 

The racket weight plays an important factor while choosing the right one for yourself. Below i have provided one table from another post of this blog about the ideal weight of badminton rackets, which clearly shows the type of players choice of according to weight badminton rackets.

Preferences Badminton Racket Weight(gm)
For quick gameplay Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For power hitting Mid Range or Heavy rackets (82 to 89)
For playing double Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For attacking gameplay Mid-range weight rackets(82 to 89)
For better and accurate shots delivery Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For good counter attack Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For quick movement Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For Smashing Lightweight rackets (76 to 80)

Also if you are curious to know what weight badminton stars use, below are the details

  • Saina Naihwal uses 93g weight badminton racket.
  • PV Sindhu uses 80-84g weight badminton racket.
  • Carolina Marin uses 85-89g weight badminton racket.
  • String Tension 

Good tension of racket strings helps power hitting and balancing of the racket. Below are the recommendations of string tension according to your level of gameplay.

  • Beginners are recommended to use 15-20lbs string tension.
  • Intermediate players can use 20-25lbs string tension for their gameplay.
  • And advanced players are recommended to use 25lbs above string tension rackets.

However, the above data is not absolute for everyone, it varies on your personal gameplay. So, always pay attention to string tension while choosing a racket. Also, there is an app stringster which helps you to find the exact tension of your badminton racket, using this application you can adjust your badminton string according to your needs.

  • The Material of the Racket

 Most of the badminton rackets are made of lightweight materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, graphite. This parameter impacts the durability of badminton racket. Materials like carbon fiber and graphite are more durable compared to aluminum. However, traditionally made badminton rackets are made of woods.

  • Power Racket for Beginners

Basically, there are two types of racket first power racket and second is controlled racket. The differences between these types of rackets are control rackets come with heavier handles whereas the power rackets come with a heavier head. The beginner players should go with power rackets which have heavier heads. That doesn’t mean that you will go with the heaviest head badminton racket because it can be difficult for the beginner to handle the shorts.

Factors like flexibility and grip of the racket also impact the gameplay.

I have written a post on my recommended badminton racket grips for sweaty hands, you can check this post, if your hands really sweats bad during the gameplay. 

What are The Benefits of Playing Badminton?

Badminton has a quite popular among people of all age. So it’s very important to have the best badminton racket with you. You may be confused which badminton to choose and most of the people are not aware of what to see in badminton before buying it. Below we will mention all the feature of the badminton in which you can compare can buy one for yourself. before getting the best badminton rackets it’s very important to know their benefits.

  • The Easiest Way to Reduce Weight

Badminton can help in burning 480 calories in just one hour. If you regularly play this game then you can even lose up to 4 Kgs within a month. Playing badminton as a sport is very exhausting and you have to involve every body part to play this game, whereas running for the same amount of time can burn half the calories.

  • Physical Fitness

This game can help in keeping your body fit by running, diving, lunging, shuttle heating, and many more. Cardiovascular workout can help in keeping your body fit, help in keeping your body tip-top shape, and this can be one of the best cross-training exercises if you are looking for one.

  • Develops Athleticism

This game helps in increasing your speed and even help your reflexes. It’s very important to know some of the shorts which can help in deceive the opponents. This will help in increasing knowledge and will even help in making the body and mind feet. Top players with great intelligence are very important as this will make you lead with each and every shot.

  • Helps in Muscle Tone

Playing badminton helps in building and tones the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. This will even help in your core muscles, back muscles, arm get a workout as well.

  • Health Benefits

If you want to make your heart healthy then you must do cardio exercise. This will help in increasing your heart rate to improve blood flow throughout your body. Badminton is considered as a sport where there are periods of rest which is followed by active swing and movement, this sport can be even considered as one of the finer interval training element. People who play regularly have lower chances of having cholesterol levels and can even lower the risk of having the cardinal disease.

  • Mobility

Mobility is a problem which is faced by the people in old age. So it’s very important to keep your body active from the young age which can help to prevent this problem of mobility. Each time you play badminton this will help in keeping your body active and will help in swing and movement throughout the match. Keeping mobile is very important for every people as it will help in keeping your joints lubricated, similar afflictions from developing, and preventing arthritis.

  • Flexibility

This game will help your body to be more fixable the more you will move, stretch, and jump the more you can keep your body flexible. Through this game, people even gain muscle strength and endurance. After some years this will help in gaining endurance, playing longer in the ground, and allowing the player to play better.

  • Cure Hypertension

If you have hypertension and consuming lots of, medicine then don’t keep it with you just through it because playing badminton can even help in reducing this problem not for some time but for life. This happens because playing badminton can help in lowering the blood pressure which can help in producing natural chemical reactions within your body which has a drug-like property.

  • Increasing Bone Density

Badminton helps in lowering body weight and overall body fat percentage. This even alleviated stress on the body which can even help in the growth of cells which can even promote bone growth of the cells and maximum accumulation of calcium which strengthens them.

  • Improves Metabolism

When playing badminton more of cardio-pulmonary function involved in playing badminton, in which your body will sweat automatically which will help in bring out the toxins and improve the metabolism of the body. By improving the metabolism you can even burn lots of calories and can even get rid of the excess fat in your body.

What are the Best Badminton Racket Brands in India?

If you search the net you will get many brands to purchase badminton rackets from. But in this article, we are going to shortlist some of the best badminton rackets brands which will never let you down.

  • Yonex: this company was established in the year 1946 just after World War II motor with single horsepower is required for delivering the demand. In the year 1957, this company stepped into this badminton manufacturing. Now this company is doing wonders with its badminton, golf equipment, and tennis. Lots of professional players use Yonex company badminton in their matches. If you are a badminton lover then you must be aware of this brand or you may have badminton of this company with you. They have reasonable price products with world-class quality which make this brand loved by most of the population in India.
  • Li Ning: this company started in the year 1989 and it’s a Chinese company. From the very start, the brand mainly concentrated on sports and accessories manufacturer. The innovative design and quality of items used to attract most of the badminton lovers. Then they came up with more sports apparel, equipment and accessories along with the badminton rackets. In India Li Ning is the second most famous brand for badminton rackets after Yonex.
  • Victor: this sports equipment company comes with a wide range of collection of a squash racket, badminton rackets, and shoes for every type of sports, sportswear, and many more things. Badminton words federation for International and national players have approved this brand. The brand ambassador of this brand from India is Ashwini Ponnappa. She is an Indian badminton player and she represents our country in the international badminton circuit.
  • APACS: if you want the best quality badminton rackets at a reasonable price. Then you must check their products as they come with the innovative technology with eye-catching design which will blow your mind. This brand is also available in India people who want the best quality badminton in their price range then you must buy from this brand.
  • Cosco: this brand was stabilized in the year 1980 and it is one of the most trustable brands in India. They even come with the best quality and large verities of football, badminton, and other sports equipment.

If you want to know more details about top badminton racket brands in India, check this post, where i have mentioned all top rated badminton racket manufacturing brands avaiable in India. 

What are the Different Types of Badminton Rackets?

What every kind of badminton player you are you will find the perfect fit for yourself because of the virilities of different badminton rackets available in the Indian market today.

Different sections of a badminton racket

Different sections of a badminton racket

The players who just started playing badminton there is badminton for them with strong performance and the ability to improve the performance. The players who are professional and want that type of badminton which doesn’t make a sound while hitting or smashing, this type of badminton are also available.

  • Badminton rackets for beginners: It’s very important for every brand to give the extra effort for making badminton for beginners.  The beginner badminton should be made of graphite.the racket should be lightweight so that they can handle the badminton properly. The grip and the appropriate frame head will help in improving the game.
  • Badminton rackets for reducing noise while playing: this type of badminton doesn’t provide sound at all even you hit the shuttle hard. The people who love playing badminton loves to use this type of rackets as sometimes the racket sound is too harsh while heating the short. The frame head, the material of the rackets are very good and hard to give soundless hits.
  • Badminton rackets for smashing: This type of badminton is made from very good and hard material and the weight of badminton must be around 85 to 89 grams. Mostly professional love to purchase this type of badminton which can help them to improve or polish their shorts.

Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets in India 2019

Below is the list of the best badminton rackets which we are going to mention so, that you can choose the best from this list. Below are some of the best badminton rackets brands which you will get easily in India and they are one of the famous brands in this badminton industry.

  1. Yonex Nanoray 70001 G4-2U

The grip of the badminton is one of the best and its grip is so nice that it can fit in your hand. This badminton is last long lasting and durable because of the durable frame. It even helps in playing the medium level flexes easily. The shaft of the badminton plays a vital role in playing this game.

This badminton has shaft helps in generating the high flying speed of shuttlecocks as it is made of graphite. It is one of the good products on the site and it’s even lightweight. The customers who bought it are very happy because the badminton racket is of good quality, very light, smooth and the grip is fantastic.

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  1. Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus G4-3U 

This badminton is best for the intermediate players. These rackets are made of full graphite material for providing the customers with little weight badminton. As compared to traditional badminton graphite material helps in delivering your best short with full power.

This badminton is bought by many customers as they love the features of this badminton. This badminton will help you give your best in the match or practice. This company is counted as a global company and they sell their products all over the globe even in India.  This can be one of the best badminton rackets that you can buy from this site.

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  1. Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite, 3U-G4

The best quality about this badminton is that it can fit shamelessly in your hand. This can be one of the best badminton racket rackets for all the intermediate level players who want a high level of control, fast movement, and effortless smashes. The badminton is made extra long to give your full power in delivering and the shaft is fabricated by carbon graphite totally.

The new grommet patterns are used in this frame so that it can help in enhancing the area of sweet sport to get the best accuracy. Through this racket, you can deliver the shuttle at the point you want. All the customers love this top-notch racket. The customers are even given the review that they are using this rackets from a long time and they have not felt any difference in the quality.

It’s very durable and best for all the beginners and intermediates.  You can buy this badminton for yourself as well as you can even gift this to someone.

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  1. Li-Ning N80

The next badminton we have in this list is Li-Ning N80 Badminton Rackets which we can easily get in India. By continuously supplying a Verities range of quality product in a reasonable range this brand has gained customer’s trust and heart. This model is considered as one of the best badminton as it has supported the players in the previous game like commonwealth games and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This badminton is extremely durable as the body is made of carbon fiber and can even absorb the shock quickly. Badminton even helps in delivering powerful performance as it has an automatic beat system which helps in adding power to this strong racket. This racket can be one of the best for the players who love to deliver attacking shorts as it comes with bio inner core technology in its shifts.

Nano Powertec is used for making this kind of racket which is having a reinforcing technology along with wing stabilizer. It weighs around 85-89.9g with medium flex of 3U. This feels the need for every player along with people who are taking the sport seriously.

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  1. Cosco CBX-450

This racket is perfect for the beginners, as this company comes with an amazing strong product. Badminton racket is made from graphite and has the perfect shape for a power play. This badminton can help the beginners to improve their shorts and overall technique of playing.

One of the best things about this badminton is that they come with an amazing look with full case cover. This can be the best badminton for the beginners who are serious about this game and will enhance the performance.

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  1. Victor Jet Speed S 08

This badminton series is famous all of India as well as the World. From Victor, it was supposed that jet speed range will be replacing the Braeswood which was a highly successful one. This racket will not hit hard shorts like other rackets.

This badminton will help those players too who want to speed up there swing to achieve more power. The hands of this badminton will help the players to get the best grip which will help in giving out the best shorts. This badminton can help in making the players more trained and will even help in making their best shorts on the ground. If you practice with this badminton racket then you will definitely achieve the target you want.

This company comes with NANO TEC technology worth an even distribution of nano-sized particles the nanotechnology works. It is used in empty space between the fiber made of carbon which helps in reducing distortion frame and also increasing the stiffness related to carbon fibers

The combination of two frame structure aerodynamic and sword, the aero-sword is having the capability of allowing a great but faster hit back and also reduces the air resistance.

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  1. Apacs Nano Fusion 722 Speed

This can be one of the best badminton rackets for all the professional or intermediary players who want to put their whole force in giving in sharper smashes and will even help in enjoying the precise drop shot and even netting play. This Racket will even help in increasing the speed in the swing as the racket was developed with the new “slim frame” and will even help in putting your whole power and control to improve execution.

The badminton racket comes with a light body and head which helps in enabling to move the racket like a sword and helps in delivering the best and clean short to opponents.

These rackets are even for the beginners as it is a medium flex racket and helps in delivering more power and will even give a slingshot effect. You will never get disappointed with this racket as this rackets is well balanced and will give the best value for money.

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  1. Yonex Voltric Z-Force

These Yonex badminton rackets have everything for which you must buy this. This even comes with a tri-voltage system which helps in getting better short with a sound filter. This even helps in minimizing the shocked along with an aero box frame. These badminton rackets have the frame of H.M.Graphite as the badminton is extra stiff and are even tungsten.

The weight of this product is 83 grams which are average. This can be one of the best choices for the professional and intermediates which will help them to work on their shorts and cuts.

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  1. Li Ning Woods N 90 II

In India, this company is very successful in providing the best quality of racket in the range the customers wants. Badmintion can be best for those players who want o improve their game and want to deliver a powerful performance. This racket comes with a technology of bio inner core and PCF reinforcing which make this badminton racket more attractive.

The main weight of this badminton racket is between 85 to 89 grams, formed with graphite, and are a flexible racket. The head is formed with carbon graphite. This racket comes with a lot of features which make this racket easy to handle. This will give add on to the players’ performance. If you are an attack and defensive type of player then you must try this racket.

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  1. Yonex Nanospeed 9900

In India, this Yonex is counted as one of the best badminton racket providers. This company comes with a variety of badminton rackets with different features. The badminton rackets have a perfect balance and have 90 squ/i head size.

You will even get a high power level in this badminton racket as it has high modulus graphite shaft material. It is a lightweight best badminton racket which will help you in your accuracy and have powerful smashes.

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Above, I have mentioned all best badminton racket with deep analysis and review. Along with the list of best rackets, we have shown a complete list of things you must know before you buy a racket. If you can’t remember everything, bookmark this ultimate buying guide for choosing the right badminton racket for yourself. Hope this article helps you to make better decision to pick the right one. Let me know in the comment, which badminton racket you liked most and why.